Jesse Cotton | San Diego, CA |

Puppet Upgrade & Code Refactor

Client: Harvard Law School
Role: Technical Lead
Technologies: Puppet Enterprise, Puppet 4

Help addressing some technical debt…

  • upgrading their Puppet infrastructure from a Puppet Enterprise 3.x release to 2016.x
  • refactoring their modules to make them Puppet 4 compatible
  • refactoring or replacing inflexible modules or those that could not be driven by Hiera
  • help adopting the roles/profiles pattern and a transition away from classifying nodes on an individual basis
  • considerable testing to ensure unwanted changes were not introduced throughout the update process

With some good results…

  • now running a supported release of Puppet Enterprise
  • Puppet 4 and its language enhancements
  • code changes to allow more code reuse
  • support for deploying node, role, or environment specific configurations via Hiera