Jesse Cotton | San Diego, CA |


Some of the projects I’ve worked on

Terraform Tooling & Pipeline Development

Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Terraform, Go, Docker, GitLab CI

Help develop and maintain an organization's Terraform automation used by internal teams for deploying and managing infrastructure.

Kubernetes PaaS Development

Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Terraform, Kubernetes, Go

Assist with the development and support of an internal PaaS built around Kubernetes.

Jenkins Platform Support

Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), CloudFormation, Terraform, Chef, Jenkins

Help develop and support an enterprise's large and expanding deployment of Jenkins.

Infrastructure Unification

Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Chef, CloudFormation, OpenVPN, RDS, SimpleAD

A customer with infrastructure in AWS and Rackspace decided to consolidate their infrastructure to a single provider, AWS.

Heroku to AWS Migration

Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Chef, Jenkins, Docker, Packer

A growing SaaS outgrew Heroku and their technology stack and decided to migrate to AWS and re-platform.

Puppet Upgrade & Code Refactor

Technologies: Puppet Enterprise, Puppet 4

A Puppet upgrade and code refactoring project to help address some technical debt.

Application Packaging Solution Using Docker

Technologies: Docker, Docker-Compose, Ruby, FPM

To support simpler application deployments I was tasked with implementing a process to package a series of Ruby on Rails applications into system packages.

MySQL Database Migration

Technologies: MySQL, MariaDB, Puppet

A migration from Oracle MySQL to MariaDB that included tuning and reliability improvements and implementation of a new Puppet module.

Chef Workflow Refresh

Technologies: Chef, Git, RSpec, Serverspec

A successful project to improve and modernize a companies Chef workflow that included going serverless and adopting Berkshelf.

Rackspace Cloud Migration

Technologies: Rackspace, Puppet, Git

A code and infrastructure migration and update that involved a migration from a physical datacenter to Rackspace, the adoption of Puppet, various application upgrades, a migration from Subversion to Git, and implementation of deployment processes for fifteen plus applications.

Application Development: Strings

Technologies: OpenStack (Rackspace), Linux, Apache, PHP-FPM, MySQL, LDAP, PDNS, Puppet, Hiera, Puppet-Librarian, PHP, Python, Ruby, CakePHP, Slim

A Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) built for Rackspace and OpenStack that compares to services like RightScale and Amazon's Elastic Beanstalk service.

Application Development: NetManage

Technologies: Cisco IOS, Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, LDAP (Active Directory), Syslog-NG, SNMP, CakePHP, Bootstrap

A network management system designed to increase the efficiency of a network team and provide the technical means to institute various best practices including change management, configuration backups, log aggregation and monitoring.

SSO Integration

Technologies: Active Directory, Windows, Sun Directory Server, C++

Helped implement a single sign-on solution for several disparate authentication systems.