Jesse Cotton | San Diego, CA |

Infrastructure and Configuration as Code Adoption

Role: Cloud Engineer
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), CloudFormation, Chef


After a client acquired a partner platform, assist them with writing automation to manage the platform with the goals of understanding and documenting the platform operation, and enforcing generally accepted best practices and organizational standards like infrastructure and configuration as code.


  • implement CloudFormaton templates to provision and manage infrastructure: VPC, EC2, Route53, Elastic Beanstalk, S3, RDS, and more
  • implement Chef cookbooks to configure servers
  • update configurations as needed to adhere to best practices: network architecture, multi-AZ deployments, organization naming standards, backup schedules, etc
  • standup new environments using new automation and perform extensive testing/validation to ensure parity with existing environments
  • help migrate from existing production environment to new managed production environment