Jesse Cotton | San Diego, CA |

Jenkins Platform Support

Role: Cloud Engineer
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), CloudFormation, Terraform, Chef, Jenkins

I joined a team responsible for managing an organizations enterprise deployment of Jenkins. They had reached a scale, at my departure the deployment consisted of 100 Jenkins masters and around 600 agents spread across two environments, which presented a number of unique and challenging issues. A typical day for me consisted of automation updates to Terraform and Chef code to add features, fix bugs, or harden the platform. Below is a list of some of the key projects I worked on:

  • a migration from AWS CloudFormation to Terraform for infrastructure management
  • implementation of a Jenkins pipeline to test and deploy the enterprise Jenkins platform
  • overhaul of the backup and data handling strategy to eliminate data loss during blue/green deploys
  • multi-region support with the ability to failover to a backup region
  • Chef refactor to eliminate shell/bash resources in favor of custom resources that are testable and more tolerant of errors
  • Chef refactor to greatly simplify software installations on the agents
  • substantial documentation improvements
  • implementation of a framework for managing administrative jobs for the platform
  • implementation of a process for building agent AMIs