Jesse Cotton | San Diego, CA |

Application Development: NetManage

Role: Lead developer and architect
Technologies: Cisco IOS, Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, LDAP (Active Directory), Syslog-NG, SNMP, CakePHP, Bootstrap

NetManage is a network management system designed to increase the efficiency of a network team and provide the technical means to institute various best practices. NetManage combines features from other similar tools into a more user-friendly and powerful tool. The NetManage application is accompanied by an orchestration project, NetManage-Bootstrap, that handles configuring the infrastructure and services NetManage depends on, and installing and configuring the application code.

Feature Set

  • A clean and responsive control panel
  • Configuration & change management
  • Configuration backups
  • Log aggregation and notifications
  • Various reports
  • Automatic device discovery via CDP
  • Client location logging